Chiloé Weather
As in most of the Los Lagos Region, the climate in the archipelago is mild / humid; Given the large number of lakes in the region, the humidity reaches an annual average of 80%, enhanced by abundant rains throughout the year, from 1330 to 2000 mm of water fallen in winter, with the average annual temperature of 11 ° C.

The rain, wind and sun in Chiloé are part of the experience, so being well equipped is essential to fully enjoy your walks and excursions, so it is advisable to dress in layers, so as to accommodate the different conditions Climatic conditions that are recorded during the day during your stay.

We suggest not forgetting to place in your suitcase !!!

1st layer: breathable and thermal upper and lower parts.
2nd layer, upper piece: fleece sweater; jacket / jacket synthetic or natural feather
3rd layer: protective, top piece: waterproof parka / jacket / jacket or soft-shell
Lightweight walking pants, ideally waterproof
Short / detachable shorts for hiking
Sneakers / shoes / boots, comfortable for walks, with grip sole
Post-excursion footwear, for interiors.
Hat or jockey
Gloves and hat or neck, made of fleece, wool or similar
Sunglasses Sun protection cream important all year long!

To enjoy your stay in OCIO, we also remind you to bring and take it:

Swimsuit for outdoor sauna and hot tub use.
Sufficient spare clothes for the trip

Reception times to check in are from 03:00pm at 10:00pm, if your entrance will be free of this schedule, if it is recommended to give advance notice to be attentive to the legegada.


The use of clean transport such as bicycles, motorcycles and / or electric cars, motor boats and public transport that help reduce the carbon supply and greenhouse gases.