The west coast

The west coast

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Chiloé National Park

We will visit the southern sector of the Chiloé National Park, located on the central west coast of the Island, before arriving we will visit the picturesque town of Huillinco, visiting its pier where hopefully the Kingfisher will receive us, here lies the coastal lake Huillinco, a type of an inland water ecosystem that is not frequent in Chile, due to the influence it has with the sea. To get there we will pass through picturesque towns and native forest for 1 hour, from here we will continue to the town of Cucao to enter the Chiloé National Park where walking around species such as; the Tepu, the Arrayán, the Canelo and the Ciprés de las Guaitecas we can also see different birds such as the Concón, Cormorant of the rocks, Pilpilén Austral and Black Woodpecker, At the end of our immersion in nature we will have lunch with Morelia, a local entrepreneur who safeguards Chiloé´s gastronomic heritage in its preparations and self-supply, on our return we will pass Chonchi, called by the Spanish settlers "the end of America" as it is the southernmost city that they had conquered in the 18th century, it displays its architectural and cultural heritage in 3 natural terraces that reach the edge of the sea, at the highest level of the city we will visit its World Heritage church, at the middle level we will visit its interesting museums and at the lowest level we will visit its new waterfront its artisan fair where we can taste preparations typical like the "gold liquor" and the "chonchinas roscas".


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