The old capital

The old capital

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The old capital

We will go to the northern sector of the Island, knowing Ancud, the capital of the Island in colonial times and the city with the greatest European influence, we will walk through its streets, we will visit "Moncho", a sculptor who works with cancagua stone, a material of volcanic origin. used in the construction of Spanish forts and ovens, also the Museum of the Friends of the Churches and the Fort of San Antonio, to get there we will travel surrounded by native forest for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and then continue to the Lacuy Peninsula to appreciate its network of Spanish forts and walk along beaches like; Quetalmahue, Quilo and Mar Brava that are declared "Areas of Importance for the Conservation of Birds", for being sectors of extraordinary biodiversity, in them we can find 120 of the 150 species of birds found in Chiloé, these coasts are the home of migratory birds from the northern hemisphere in summer and during winter we are visited by birds from southern lands, which take refuge in Chiloé looking for food and more temperate climates, we will see species such as the Straight-billed Curlew, the Traile, the Pilpilén, the Chorlo Chilean, the Coluta and the Gaviota Cahuil.


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