Quinchao Island

Quinchao Island

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Quinchao Island

The connection to the big island

We will visit the city of Dalcahue, this one concentrates in its coastal attributes of the Chiloé culture such as the concept of "Cookery", a place where typical and homemade food is prepared with family recipes, we will also find products from the field for sale, a Chiloé artisans who exhibit creations based on wool, wooden gadgets, native plants. Colorful artisanal fishing boats decorate the landscape, after walking along the waterfront we will travel 30 minutes to reach the pier and from there cross on the ferry that will take us to Quinchao Island.

Our first stop will be Curaco de Vélez, here the carpentry works in houses and facades of small buildings stand out, it has a picturesque waterfront that gives access to a viewpoint where you can see birds such as the Black-necked Swan, Straight-billed Curlew, and Gaviota Cahuil, is also known for oyster restaurants, we will continue our journey to Achao, which has the oldest church on the big island of Chiloé and is the connection port between the smaller islands of the sector and Castro, our last stop will be the town of Chullec that protects an important wetland, its etymology comes from a mixture between the Huilliche language "Chelle", small black-headed gulls that feed in the place, and the language of the Chonos "ec", a cove unprotected from the wind.


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