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Our neighbors

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Rilán Peninsula

Our neighbors

In Rilán it is possible to observe the cultural richness and the interrelation of local communities with their coastal and rural environment. A place stopped in time, where people can be seen fishing and shellfish based on the lunar cycles, algae are collected to fertilize the soils, mingas are made to harvest potatoes and make chicha, mate is shared and pauses are made to enjoy a beautiful landscape. We are connected with the local people, they are our hosts who safeguard the traditions, customs and identity of Chiloé.

We will share experiences of our neighbors and as they have been part of the history of OCIO, our first arrest will be in Puyán, knowing its picturesque cemetery, we will continue to Chañihue to meet different hosts such as the "Polilla" in his farm with different breeds of chickens and ducks, also Gloria and Tono at their edge of the sea stove, we can meet Antuco at his house and see his crafts or taste his Cider, everyone will tell us how they live and enjoy their island. Our next destination will be Yutuy, passing through an important estuary we arrive at the picturesque area where we visit the Yutuy Museum School, we will meet the teacher who started it, "Profe Raúl", we continue to La Estancia and Curahue always observing wide fields with greenhouses and boats crossing the sea knowing and understanding the culture of Bordemar.

Opportunities can be presented to carry out agrotourism activities and have a more direct contact with the local community such as; the sowing and harvesting of potatoes, apple pestle, sheep shearing, shellfish, everything can be done on this journey through the history and customs of the border.


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