How to get there | OCIO Territorial Hotel

How to get there | OCIO Territorial Hotel

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How to get to OCIO Territorial Hotel?

You can get to OCIO Territorial Hotel in a flight of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Santiago to Puerto Montt.

We also have the option of flying nonstop from Santiago to Mocopulli airport in Castro, the capital of Chiloé. This flight is available several times a week in high season and takes 1 hour and 50 minutes, with a half hour road transfer to reach the hotel.

From Puerto Montt or in case you are in Puerto Varas, you can choose our transfer service or vehicle rental. From the mainland it is a journey of approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to LEISURE. This transfer considers a Ferry trip that lasts approximately 45 minutes, in which you can get out of the vehicle. You will be able to observe in the Chacao Channel southern dolphins known in Chiloé as “Toninas” and also sea lions that follow the boat along with the birds that fly and welcome you. Then the island appears on the horizon and the early adventure that awaits you in Chiloé begins to glimpse.

From PMC to the hotel or from the north of the island by land, it is not necessary to reach the center of the city of Castro. From route 5, turn off at the Llau Llao junction to drive 4 km along route W-55 to the intersection with route W-65, at this point turn right, where you will begin to see signage with the OCIO logo. Drive 8 kilometers to the Puyan junction, to turn right and continue for 2 kilometers on route W-557 and turn right to enter a rural dirt road for 2 kilometers until you find the entrance to OCIO Territorial Hotel where to the right you will find the entrance of wood and a grove.

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