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Excursions | OCIO Territorial Hotel

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OCIO Territorial seeks to preserve the traditions, customs and identity of the archipelago, for this we work together with the local community and we have the support of a great team of "Local Hosts" who provide us with different products, services and the knowledge and stories of each place visited.

By being part of our excursions, they will be part of Chiloé and its People, they will link with the territory in which we are located, thus generating positive impacts of mutual benefit between the community and the visitor.

We believe in the harmony and rhythm of the archipelago, that is; the climate, the tide, the seasons and the load capacity of each place. Therefore, we adjust the departure times of the excursions, the itineraries and the conditions of the same to this balance.

* Exclusive excursions for guests of OCIO Territorial Hotel.