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Chilote stove

Hold your event in the lower sector of the field, close to our fruit trees, chicken coops and sheep find our "Fogón Chilote", a place that brings together the traditions of Chiloé and visitors in front of the fire while roasting a lamb, where you can enjoy stories and legends that are told by the locals themselves locals who are part of our team. To the rhythm of an accordion and music from Chiloé we enjoy authentic experiences that connect our guests with the local people and their culture.

A unique place that preserves the authenticity of the traditional Chilote stoves that bring families together around the fire to face the cold and rainy days, with an exceptional view of the Castro Fjord. Events such as weddings, birthdays, company parties and more can be held. You just have to contact us and we will make your event a unique experience.

20 - 30 people

Stove: 80 m2 Terrace: 120 m2