Inland Sea Villages

Inland Sea Villages

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Inland Sea Villages

Our first stop will be the town of San Juan, characterized by its shipyards, networks of mussels of local mythic farmers and its World Heritage Church, we will travel for 45 minutes to reach this place, each next destination will allow us an intimate contact with nature We will visit the Tocoihue waterfall, a 50-meter waterfall of high ecosystem and cultural value and the Aucar Islet that has an important wetland, from its walkway we will be able to see species such as the Rayador, Straight-billed Curlew and Black-necked Swan.

The Aucar Islet is known as "The Island of Navigating Souls" named after the Chilean writer Francisco Coloane, a native of Quemchi, a town that will be our next destination, here we will visit the house museum in his honor, we will continue the journey to Tenaún, a town Which in olden times was the meeting place for “the witches”, characters from the mythology of the Chiloé archipelago, artisanal fishing and tourism are the main source of income in summer and it is an important venue for cultural and musical events. Our next destination is Dalcahue, it concentrates in its coastal area attributes of the Chiloé culture such as the concept of cooking where typical and homemade food is prepared with family recipes, we will find products from the field for sale as well as a Chiloé artisan fair that expose creations based on wool, wood, native plants and more.

Colorful artisanal fishing boats decorate the landscape.


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