Bordemar culture

Bordemar culture

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Bordemar culture

A unique and versatile tour for all who visit our Chiloé field. It offers a mixture of nature, mythology and history where you can visit and admire the dynamism that occurs at the edge of the sea at any time of the day. The tour begins at the hotel, where we meet to descend walking through our meadows until we reach the edge of the sea. From here we venture along the riverbank until we reach the iconic and centennial Palafito de Tongoy, a construction from the 70s lined with wood and tiles, with its traditional fire pit and its boat, a rescue of the traditional architecture and culture of those who inhabited the island. in those years.

We will continue our journey to the south, where throughout the journey we are surprised by a mixture of flora and fauna, landscapes full of colors, sometimes rainbows and other times a dense fog that covers the city. A great variety of birds coexist in the dense jungle, Chucaos, Churretes and Picaflores are some, always above us, Jotes de Cabeza Colorada and Aguiluchos will fly and local and migratory birds such as black-necked swans, Martín Pescador, Yeco, Pilpilén will fly along the border. , Seagulls and other species such as Chilean Dolphins or Sea Lions enrich the tour and connect us with nature. All our coastline highlights and preserves the authenticity of Chiloé and its identity, we will be able to appreciate the connection that exists between nature and the Chilotes, which combine in perfect balance to live from the sea.

They are our neighbors, who maintain a lifestyle of the edge of the sea, they surprise us every day in their boats and boats fishing if the tide is high or shellfish and harvesting if the tide is low. A unique experience just steps from LEISURE.


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