• Tenaún - Mechuque

    Mechuque island .

    Type: Full day

    Highlights: boat navigation, viewpoint "muelle de las islas" (islands dock), bird watching. 

    Duration: 7 hours


  • Lemuy Island

    Lemuy Island, Puqueldon, Los Lagos Region, Chile .

    Type: Full Day

    Highlights: heritage churches, native forest, wood craftsmen.

    Duration: 8 hours

    This excursion takes place on the third largest island in the Archipelago. Nature and local traditions will be part of this adventure. Crossing its forests, we will meet heritage churches, and its picturesque coastal towns.

    We will have lunch in a typical environment of Chiloé, and to end with a walk along the beach, where we can see unique flora and fauna of the place.



  • Churches route

    Rilán - Tenaún .

    Type: Full day

    Highlights: world heritage churches declared by UNESCO

    Duration: 7 hours

    In this journey we will visit the next churches:

    • Rilan´s peninsula: Saint Marie
    • Castro: Saint Francis
    • Nercón: Patron Saint of Nercon, Lady of the grace
    • Dalcahue: Patron Saint of Dalcahue, Lady of the sorrows
    • Achao: Patron Saint of Achao, Saint Marie of Loreto

    In all the churches we´ll talk about their stories and secrets to the key keepers, assigned by the community where the chruch is located

  • Dalcahue - Quinchao island

    Quinchao island .

    Type: Full day

    Highlights: heritage churches, artisan market.

    Duration: 6 hours


  • Castro: City and fjord

    Castro city .

    Type: Half day

    Highlights: navigation through the fjord, churc UNESCO world heritage, Palafitos.

    Duration: 3 hours

    We´ll navigate throught the Castro bay and know the seashore culture.

    Our captains are Don Oncho or Don Raul, both boats are handmade by its owners

    River dolphins and sealions will join us in this adventure.

    We´ll disembark at Castro to take a walk at the sorroundings of the palafitos


  • Península de Rilán

    Rilan, Castro, Chile .

    Type: Half day

    Highlights: Rural tourism.

    Duration: 4 hours

    On this tour, we will visit and get to know the rural life of our neighbors in the Rilán Peninsula with all their cultural wealth and their own identity, to learn from life in the chilote countryside

  • Chiloé National Park

    Parque Nacional Chiloé, Chile .

    Type: Full day

    Highlights: Trakking, flora and fauna, local food.

    Duration: 8 hours

    The excursion through to Chiloé´s National Park is a journey to immerse yourself in its infinite nature and its great biodiversity.

    We´ll walk on the forest at inside of Chiloe´s National Park, but also, at the Cucao´´s beach where we can see the "Macheros" (System for grow and harvest musles).

    We´ll lunch with Morelia at her restaurant "tradiciones de Morelia" she may tell us about her entrepreneurship and how she earned a recognizon of GIAHS by the FAO.

  • Chepu

    Chepu, Ancud, Chile .

    Type: Full Day

    Highlights: Nature

    Duration: 8 hours

    We´ll travel to the northwest of the island to meet Doña Enriqueta and Don Fernando, they´ll show us how do they do a grills at a bonfire, also, we´ll enjoy a lovely trip on train throught their forest wich is a conservation project of 300 Hectares of native forest.

    Nearby there is a sunken forest as a result of the tsunami caused by the 60´s earthquake.

    If the weather allows it, we´ll enjoy a navigation in the Río Chepu where birds of the sector such as cormorants, herons, and ducks can be spotted.


  • City Tour Dalcahue

    Dalcahue, Chiloe, Chile .

    Type: Full Day

    Highlights: Craft Market, church, museum, Local food.

    Duration: 4 hours or less

    We´ll visit the craft markets and its artisans, the church, the museum and its rich gastronomy at the "Cocinerias" in a boat shaped palafito.

    At the cocinerias we´ll meet Doña Clarita or Doña Lula



  • Pingüineras Islote Conejo

    Queilén, Chiloe, Chile .

    Type: Full Day

    Highlights: Sighting of penguins, birds and marine mammals.

    Duration: 8 hours

    We travel to the town of Queilen, where we will embark to visit the Magellan penguin colonies present during the summer season.

    It is a navigation where we can enjoy the landscape and the experience on board, while tasting local seafood.

    You can see different species of birds such as penguins, cormorants, seagulls, as well as Chilean dolphins and southern dolphins. Between the months of April and May, it is also possible to observe colonies of Fin Whales that visit the sector.