"Ocio Territorial Hotel is located at Rilan's Peninsular area in the heart of the great Chiloé island. This area is definitely a unique place in the world due to its cultural heritage, its local identity, its people, its architecture, and its geographical beauty.

In 2004, all of this motivated my wife Yasna and I to make a promise to Sandalio and Orfelinda, who were the original owners of the 20-Hectare rural property where the hotel now stands. This promise was to protect the land and local culture with the conviction to always talk to future generations about Chiloé’s traditional uses and ways of living off the land. From that moment on, we began a process of restoration of the traditional and original house and “fogón” (traditional smokehouse) as well as the trails used by the sheep to get to the natural water springs, the forest and the sea."


- Cristian Medina Guerrero