Our Logo is made by four rainbows, since you arrive to our magical island until you leave you can appreciate rainbows throughout the entire island. 

Our commitment to the community and company values and mission stands by:

Sustainable Development
Protecting the local culture and its people
Constant contact with the environment and nature
Enjoying Leissure (OCIO) moments

They are the pillars of our mission in Chiloé, and the main axes of the work that OCIO Territorial Hotel carries out to receive its passengers and collaborate with the community and public organizations of Chiloé.

Due to the above, it is important to note that all our excursions stand out for the commitment to the community and its local people, as they are part of our collaborators, such as Mr. Oncho and Raúl Garay with their boats, Juan Carlos Barria with their services Transportation (Van) to name one of them and the different local guides that complement us with the handling of the different languages (French-German) since with their experience of life, they help us to show the culture and magic of Chiloé.